What is Bitcoin Real


A secure blockchain network providing instant payment solutions across the globe

With the revolution in block-chain technology-dilemma to choose any two from trio of trust/security, mass adoption and decentralization has become real for projects. Bitcoinreal (BR) is one of the very few projects that will tap into all three parameters of blockchain together with providing robust transaction system.

In terms of verification of transactions, BR is using 8 MB block size in which several transactions can be verified instantly. The total size of Blockchain will be 140 GB through which BR will be able to cover many of the users’ transaction simultaneously. From the facts, it takes 60 seconds to break a block time in BR. So, around 400000 transactions per second can be done in BR.


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BR Specifications


Bitcoinreal is one of the decentralized coin; Bitcoinreal’s token symbol is BR. Unlike bitcoin it offers stability in prices due to its ample supply and is secure enough using hybrid blockchain to empower cheap withdrawals and transfers.

Coin Name Bitcoin Real
Ticker BR
Network security Assured by a hybrid network of Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Work (Pow) with Masternodes
PoW algorithm X16r (ASIC resistant)
PoS algorithm Slasher
Masternode Collateral 2'500'000 BR
Block size 64MB
Off-chain scaling solutions Lighting Network, Side-chain and Drive-chain pegs
On-chain scaling solutions Bigger blocks, SegWit2X, Bellare-Neven signature aggregation, Smaller size of Schnorr signatures, Key Aggregation
Off-chain scaling solutions Lighting Network, Side-chain and Drive-chain pegs
Transactions-per-second (TPS) ~400’000 (Estimate based on many factors which considers a “worst case scenario”)
Privacy Solutions ToR peers and remote nodes
Blockchain size After a month of full throughput in terms of transactions approx 30 GB
Difficulty adjustment LWMA (Every block), ddAI coordinated
Total Supply 10'000'000'000 + PoS Glaciation phase
Block time 6 seconds (Average)
Decentralized development Incentivized by mailing lists and BRIPs (Bitcoin Real Improvement Proposals)
Additional features PrivateSend and InstantSend
Block Reward Variable through time, check Block Reward table
Premine Premine 100% (Massive Premine for quick exchange listing)


Bitcoinreal is one and only coin that is a stable Crypto coin; in terms of its economic value, 1 BR costs 1 cent. So, from the businessman perspective, it’s feasible for him to use BR coin in its normal transactions. As, the world is also moving toward crypto currency. So, most of the businessmen have a vital benefit of using BR. You must be thinking that how is it so stable? All credit goes to our team who tirelessly work for the mining of BR coin in order to maintain BR coins’ demand and supply.


The supply of BR coin is 1000000000 I which 100000000 are pre-mined; our miners are working on Proof of reputation, so that their profiles have the best ranks. In proof of reputation, miners have to maintain their profiles through which they get best rewards; what do these miners do? They maintain their personal computers as every miner has updated device through which it is doing mining; moreover, the blockchain of BR has enough capacity/storage in which transactions can be recorded or a lot of coins can be unlocked.


The algorithm of Blockchain that miners has to solve has enough space to record the users’ transactions. Most of the firms has a lot of transaction to do every day, so that these miners instantly verify the transactions and a bulk of transactions can be done within the minutes as BR is using the advanced technology of Blockchain.